For Beginners: Expect to work on the fundamentals and general understanding of how the instrument works. We will discuss the general history and purpose of the trumpet throughout time, as well as the mechanics of how it actually works. We will work on general theory, reading, and production of sound. It may seem like a lot of information, but I will break it down into easy and understandable language. Be patient, the road to making music with ease is through helpful information, consistent practice, and formation of positive habits.

For Intermediate & Advanced: Expect to work on fundamentals, but with finer detail. In addition, we will work on scale patterns, exercises, etudes, duets, transposition and style.

If you're interested, please contact me. I'd like to hear about your individual goals and current experiences. 

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J. B. Arban: Complete Conservatory Method (Carl Fischer Inc.)

Jean Baptiste Arban (1825 – 1889) method is known to many as "the Bible" for brass players. Arban was appointed professor of the cornet at the Paris Conservatory in 1857. In 1864 his method was first published. It was adopted as the Standard Instructor at the Conservatory - "The Committee of Musical Studies in the Paris Conservatory has examined the Method which has been submitted by Mr. Arban. This work of sensible development is founded on excellent principles, and omits no teaching essential to the making of a good cornetist."

H. L. Clarke: Technical Studies for the Cornet (Carl Fischer Inc.)

Herbert Lincoln Clarke (1867-1945) was a legend in his own time. He is maybe the best known cornetist of all time. Like Arban, he was self-taught and his book Technical Studies for the Cornet is together with some other books by Clarke, the sum of his playing and teaching experience.

James Stamp: Warm-Ups + Studies (Edition BIM)

James Stamp (1904 -1985) was a professional musician from he was 16 years old. In 1954 following a heart attack, he devoted more and more time to teaching. He acquired an exceptional reputation as a Trouble Shooter. Thomas Stevens says: "I believe James Stamp was one of the finest teachers in the world. His approach was so flexible that I have never seen him fail to improve a player, whether it be an established symphony musician, jazz or "lead" player or a twelve year old student."

James Thompson: The Buzzing Book (the Complete Method)

James Thompson is currently Professor of Trumpet at the renowned Eastman School of Music. He came to this position after having played Principal Trumpet in the Atlanta and Montreal Symphony Orchestras. He believes, “Buzzing on the mouthpiece has many benefits if done with a systematic and observant approach. Because the mouthpiece offers less resistance than does the instrument, buzzing helps accustom the player to using more air. This greater airflow helps let the lips relax and vibrate more freely, producing a more resonant sound.” 

Guiseppe Concone: The Complete Solfeggi (Balquhidder Music)

Guiseppe Concone was a famous nineteenth-century Italian Master of Singing who composed operas, masses and other sacred music. However, by far his most famous compositions are the five volumes of Solfeggi.